Private Lessons

I live NYC where I teach private and group lessons. I have 20 years teaching experience. In most styles and all levels, here is a quick teaching resume:

- TrueFire Instructor
- National Guitar Workshop Instructor
- Guitar Instructor and On Set Consultant for the movie August Rush
- Bath Guitar Festival Instructor
- Berklee College of Music Alumni
- Contributor to Guitar Player and Premier Guitar Magazines

 If you would like to take your playing to the next level please feel free to contact me. Don’t live in NYC? Not a problem I also give online lessons via Skype and have a TrueFire online classroom

Guitar Courses on TrueFire

Kings of Tone

Your Professor of Tone is NYC session player and educator Jeff McErlain, whose standing-room-only workshops on the subject testify to his expertise stemming from years of tone exploration. “I hope to demystify the tonal qualities of these twelve players by sharing the insight I’ve gained over many years studying them and deconstructing their styles, touch and rigs.”

Kings of Tone is NOT about learning to play the signature licks of these masters (although you will pick up many that you will add to your bag). Rather, you will learn how to “channel” their respective tones, rigs, styles and approaches so that you can develop your own “sound” more intelligently and/or emulate these players’ tone when covering them in a live gig situation. 

For each of the twelve Kings, McErlain walks you through a configuration of amp settings, pedals and other technical tweaks that you can use with your own gear to get you in their general ballpark tone-wise. Jeff then presents a series of lessons to convey the touch, feel and stylistic approach of the artist. Use this information to impersonate the tone of the artist or mix and match the gear and styling of different artists to innovate your own sound. Kings of Tone also includes tab, notation and Power Tab for all of the playing examples along with the practice rhythm tracks that Jeff used to demonstrate the examples.

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50 Eclectic Blues Guitar Licks You MUST Know

Mix up a bit of T Bone Walker with Mike Stern, blend some Robben Ford with Jeff Beck, fuse Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix with Eric Johnson and David Grissom, spice heavily with the likes of Muddy Waters, Allman Brothers, Michael Landau and Roy Buchanan — Voila! Eclectic blues. You’ll learn how to apply techniques and bluesy moves for comping, tri-tones, hybrid picking, hammers, pull-offs, sixths and thirds, chromatics, diminished lines, intervallic lines, major-minor pentatonic phrases, double and triple-stops, open-string phrases, half and full bends, muting, scratches and all of the other requisite tools and tricks of the contemporary blues trade. 50 Eclectic Blues Licks You MUST Know has it all and much more; these 50 interactive video lessons will majorly round out and spice up your blues bag. Dig in!

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50 Blues Guitar Licks You MUST Know

In this course I draw from influences ranging from British royalty like Clapton, Page and Green to Texas bluesmen like SRV and the Reverend Billy G. Licks inspired by electric blues pioneers such as B.B., T Bone, Albert King and John Lee Hooker are also included. Of course, licks in the style of Robert Johnson are here along with plenty of Jimi-approved concepts. 50 Blues Licks goes well beyond the same old tired minor pentatonic moves as I cover sliding 6ths, chromatics, minor and major applications, diminished lines, overtones, killer double-stops, octaves, rakes, swing comping, swampy down-home licks, Delta-approved turnarounds, tasty comping ideas and how to use the blue’s built-in flat third to natural third ambiguity to create tension and dynamics in your playing.

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50 Rock Blues Guitar Licks You MUST Know

In this course I draw from influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Rev. Billy Gibbons, David Gilmour, Keith Richards, Eric Johnson, Joe Bonamassa, David Grissom, Robin Trower, Jeff Beck, Michael Schenker, Jake E Lee, Van Halen, and many of the other kings of the blues-rock six-string. 50 Blues Rock Licks goes well beyond the same old tired minor pentatonic moves as Jeff covers over-bends, double stops, triple stops, complete rhythm patterns, modal vamps, sliding 6ths, head turning ripping licks, pedal point licks, hybrid picking, thumb over the neck licks, altered blues licks, chromatic licks, a really cool alternate tuning and much, much more. Jeff even shows you how to transform classic licks into a fresh, post-modern blues-rock vocabulary.

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Blues Rock Evolution

With Blues Rock Evolution, you’ll learn how to apply the Mixolydian and Dorian modes to blues, discover how double-stops and the open position can fire up your playing, score dozens of moves to accelerate your rhythm playing, find out how the vibrato bar can lend depth and emotion to your soloing, work with updated techniques for hybrid grip picking, hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends and double-stop bends, and get a serious education in achieving great tone out of your rig. 

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